Hello, my name is Mo.

Here’s the cool thing Birds, I’m going through this Right Now with you, in fact, as I write this, I’m on my third set of estro-patches to prep for an IVF cycle. Sexy. I’ve put my love, red wine funds and charm to convince others (see below) to be partners in the site because if I can help one lady know what I didn’t when we started trying naturally, or when we did our first IUI, it makes me more at peace. I feel there’s something powerful in turning my lemons into lemonade for the next set of beautiful women (future=female).

I’m also a touch lucky, I live in the epi-center of wellness (Los Angeles) and am surrounded by an incredible tribe of experts, thinkers, renowned meditators, sexologists, psychologists, hailing everywhere from up the street to London to Israel. I’d like to share that collective wisdom so we can have a more grounded, spirit-lead, loving experience while trying to get pregs. :) Ya dig?

I was more than a bit bummed about the info out there tied to sources that had not-cool conflicts of interest. Us Birds at The Bird and The Bee are Rigorous and Committed when it comes to our research processes (see below). We also take a unique stance on integrating a balance of East, West, Naturopathic, Scientific, Mind, Body and Spirit. We look at the whole self, the healing of the heart (your relationship, ideas about motherhood, your mother, fears about being a mom, reducing TTC associated stress, etc) as well as the best egg and sperm optimizers and the latest scientific research out there.

I've had a blessed career and more fun than should be legal cavorting across cool cities around the world, but what has resonated with me on a deeper level has always been the grounding, rooting work of quenching inner-work thirst. I've always loved to teach meditations, exercises and workshops to help the ones I love chill and live more from a rooted, body-wisdom space. I received my first Transcendental Meditation mantra at the age of seven and was probably teaching all my friends how to sit at age eight. I’ve studied with the Tibetan Rinpoche while living in Nepal, dabbled in Zen Buddhism, studied Somatic psychological embodiment methods, have been under the incredible guidance of the most renowned private coach in L.A., received healings from the Maori of New Zealand, sweated with my friend and American Indian sweat lodge master, I meditate daily, and am the author of Ninja Chick (Penguin, NAL). I bring that, somewhat strange, amalgamation of experience to you!

So, bon appetit my fellow Birds and Bees, I’m excited for our adventure and am here with you every step of the way.

Xo Mo



Jeiran Lashai, M.S., L.Ac.

Renowned Fertility Specialist, Resident Advisor & The Bird and the bee co-founder

Hi Birds, a quick note from me. It brings me much gratification to share vital conception information with you, I always tell my patients, I can't get you pregnant, but I can get your body in the best place for you to get pregnant. I also have a lot of empathy for the process. I've experienced my own conception trials with a miscarriage, a failed medicated IUI and when we finally did get pregnant, we discovered I had a genetic mutation (which I'm glad we did as it would have prevented carrying to term had I not been on blood thinners). I look forward to sharing my wholistic eastern medical knowledge paired with the work I do with some of the world's most skilled reproductive endocrinologists. 

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your journey.

Jeiran Lashai comes from a long line of traditional medicine women. As a young girl she was captivated by her grandmother, a Kurd and village sage, who healed the community with herbs, tinctures and a good ear for listening. When Jeiran’s father, a doctor, was diagnosed with lung cancer, Jeiran took this deep seed of knowledge and dedicated herself to the study of Eastern and holistic methods to ensure comfort through his rounds of toxic chemicals. Her father was told he would not be able to eat, talk, walk or practice medicine ever again, yet under Jeiran’s program of treatments, he continued to thrive, and even work until the very last month of his life.

Jeiran is the founder of Lashai Wellness, a thriving private practice in Los Feliz with a custom-crafted line of medicinal herbs. She has been consistently selected as one of the best acupuncturists in Los Angeles and is the trusted Eastern Medical Practitioner of the most discerning and notable clientele in town.

Jeiran’s proudest moment was when she aided in a clients first pregnancy, “I've been able to see the child blossom ... getting to see who she is becoming has been profound.” She also enjoys the challenges, like when a client has been told they cannot get pregnant on their own and should move onto donor eggs or sperm, they come in with little hope and she is able to help them conceive. 

Jeiran lives with her husband, two kids and a Great Dane the size of a small pony. She loves to read, cook, host and bring people together, in fact every Friday night she hosts an open house dinner party in her home.


The American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM)

The American Acupuncture Council

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine


Bachelors in English at UC Irvine

Post-Graduate degree from I’Institue Science Politiques in Lyon, France

Magna Cum Laude from the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine

Apprenticeships with some of the top doctors in both Allopathic & Complementary medicines locally and in China

Internships at the ECTOM clinic and the Arthur Ashe Medical Center at UCLA

Specialization in reproductive health and fertility



WRITER & The BIRD AND The BEE superhero coordinator

Hey Birds, thanks for going out to some virtual coffee with us (or shall we say tea?) and letting us be a voice in your journey. If you’re here, you’ve already joined the conversation and opened your heart, and therefore we like you lots! I’m a recent new Mom, so the conversation of how our bodies approach baby building is front and center in mind always, as is feminine wellness and sisterhood. I live to learn and get hot just stepping onto a college campus. Peer-reviewed research is my mantra. I attended Mills College in Oakland California, where I studied English Literature via a women’s leadership curriculum. 18th Century women of ill repute are my forte.  So are holiday decorations, bottling my own hot sauce and exploring historic downtowns. I live in Los Angeles with my creative, loving, and very bearded husband (he’s so proud of it), my daughter, and our black cat Lola. 



We are not a fan of tossing up regurgitated content you find reposted everywhere. We go straight to original, and as recent as we can find, academic studies from the best research institutes and universities worldwide. And when in doubt, we call up an expert we know, or make ourselves known to one, and ask more questions. Then, and here’s the juicy bits, we look into any and all known ties to any potential conflicts of interest (i.e., if big dairy funded a study on milk being the answer to infertility). Look in our Citations section in each article - we list any known conflicts of interest. That said, we are human after all and there’s a ton of debate on all the info out there about anything on the planet, so take what works for you, your body and your partnership and leave the rest. We commit to continuing to update articles with any newly published studies or input from vetted experts as they continue to weigh in. 

We also will never take sponsorship, advertising or any other form of money from pharma or any other groups that we feel are conflicts of interest. What’s a conflict of interest to us? It comes down to a gut check, and since our team is either personally TTC or has gone through struggles with fertility - our gut is one tough gut-nut to crack.

Any recommendations for supplements, products, methods and meditations are ones that are being personally used by one of us or have been used and loved at one point in our journey. We will only recommend products we believe in for our own bodies and are excited to share the knowledge we've gained.

We are wholly inclusive of all forms of love and partnerships, which means we adamantly support LGBT journeys to parenthood. We commit to supporting and fighting for your rights to love, conceive and grow your beautiful families. 

Also, also, we personally hate when posts have the info buried beneath a bunch of hubby-bubby just to keep you on the site longer, we are all busy people with killer lives and only five minutes to spare! We put the best info right at the top, distilled down for you in THE BOTTOM LINE then we give you actionable steps you need now in THE TAKEAWAY. It makes it simple and respects your time. If you love our site, we just kinda trust you’ll spend more time on, get deeper into our community and join our once weekly newsletter (which you’ll love).

Trust, it’s what incredible relationships are built on and it’s also our bottom line here at The Bird and The Bee.

If you'd like to be a contributing writer send us a note.