How Long Does It Take To Make An Egg or Follicle?

How Can I Improve My Egg Health Naturally?

It takes 90 days for new eggs to form - so do plan your debauchery accordingly.


During the cycle of an egg’s odyssey towards ovulation, there is a window of time, 90 days to be exact, when certain factors can affect the health of the eggs that are preparing for ovulation. Here are some things that you can influence during your eggs 90 days of maturation:

  • Blood Flow and proper oxygenation
  • Hormonal balance
  • Nutritional intake
  • Stress

First, let's take a look at where this 90-day stint lies on the timeline of your eggs initiation: (hint: the fabulous eggs hold the power...)

Okay, now think about last Thanksgiving, and then think about Valentine's day 3 months later. Flew by, right? That's about the same time it will take for Egg-streme Boot Camp. Attention, Private-- are you ready to serve?

  • Blood flow and proper oxygenation

Healthy eggs rely on oxygen-rich blood flow circulating through the ovaries. Here are a few things to keep blood from getting sluggish:

  1. Hydrate. At least 8, 8oz glasses a day, but even that universal recommendation is on the conservative side. Dehydration= thick blood and shitty circulation. Hydrate first thing in the morning to replenish your supply (pillow drool). Scrutinize your water bottles- they could be a hidden fertility killer.
  2. Exercise. Moderately, or per your RE's recommendation. Movement engages circulation and keeps those eggs happy. Avoid inflammation causing activities and gracefully decline participation in this year's Spartan race. Further reading for IVF patients.
  3. Get an abdominal, fertility massage or acupuncture. This boot camp kinda rocks, right? Massage therapy for the uterus and ovaries is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow in the reproductive system. Find a therapist who specializes in fertility or Maya abdominal massage. Acupuncture is also widely used to increase circulation and has a number of fertility-boosting benefits.
  • Hormonal Balance

Modern living has exposed us to more hormone disruptors than ever before, but usually, imbalances can be reversed to improve fertility and egg quality. Try these daily adjustments to fight environmental hormone foes:

  1. Eat organic. Pesticides can seriously eff with your hormones. Happy hormones = happy eggs. Check out our guide to eating organic for fertility and money saving tips here
  2. Supplement naturally. Maca, in particular, is a hormone regulator great for you AND your partner (egg and sperm quality). Learn more about Maca and other fertility boosting supplements and vitamins here.
  3. Seed cycling. The all-time fertility bird seed, and great for balancing hormones. Check out how to promote estrogen and progesterone by incorporating these seeds into your cycle.
  • Nutrition

Your 90-day boot camp comes with a strict menu Private! Luckily for you, it's not baked beans in a can (cause, ew, but also, BPA). You'd be surprised how delicious and fulfilling a fertility diet can be, and guess what? Avocados rein. Here's some further reading about getting just the right amount of right:

  1. School up on the fertility diet, great for your 90-day egg making boot camp, but also excellent for all around TTC time.
  2. Cut down on alcohol. Remember that your eggs in the queue are less forgiving 90 days before ovulation. Read our guide to wine fueled weekends when TTC (this is a threshold formula you don't want to miss).
  3. Set some caffeine boundaries. For optimal eggs, you might want to read what we found out about caffeine intake and fertility.
  4. Reassess your sugar, Sugar. Unfortunately, this lovely substance may compromise egg quality by increasing acidity in the body. Know the facts before your 90-day boot camp.
  • Stress

When you are constantly under stress you produce prolactin, cortisol, and other hormones, which can disturb regular ovulation. There is really no set threshold for when your eggs may take a beating as everyone is affected by stress differently. Take this 90 days to regenerate unapologetically, gets lots of rest, and take the easy route (for once) in everything you do. Your eggs will thank you.

Not sure how to chill? Stick of hearing the "R" word?

Don't worry, you won't hear it here. We've got your covered in the Destress and Refresh resource for TTC ers by TTC ers. Try our Big Chill: Guided Meditation for Pro-Conception on us. Check it out here.


You can do it Private Birdie! 90 days to better egg health through health, nutrition, environmental awareness, and ease, for optimal fertility. This is the most compassionate boot camp you'll ever witness. And so we say Hooah for eggs, hooah, hooah, hoorah for eggs!


The Conclusive List of How-to Optimize Fertility & Egg Quality


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