How To Make Blood Draws Easier

How Can I Make My Blood Draw Less Painful?

Get your blood pumping. If your heartbeat is up ever so slightly then your veins will be easier to locate by your phlebotomist. You could be the person doing jumping jacks in the waiting room (something my Mom would do), or you can just plan accordingly and park a little further way from your lab for a longer brisker walk, or take the stairs.

Two tries and you're out. If your phlebotomist isn't successful after two tries you need a new pair of eyes on your veins (and more experienced hands). It's completely acceptable for you to politely ask for another phlebotomist at this time.

Engage to distract. Ask your phlebotomist about themselves, then listen intently to their responses. This helps draw attention away from the situation at hand. It also forms a little human connection which eases you and eases them, like you are in it together.

Ask for numbing medication. Chances are, your lab will have a topical numbing ointment on hand (usually reserved for children, but available to adults by request). Apply a few minutes before your draw.

Breathe. Your body's first reaction may be to hold your breath, but you need oxygen going into that noggin in this moment. Regular steady breaths keep your body in equilibrium and reduce the chance of fainting or lightheadedness. 

Stay tuned for a Bird exclusive guided audio relaxation for the needles, or dominate the breathing with our Bill Chill Guided Meditation for Pro-Conception. This one is on us. XO


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