Weird Natural Ways to Know If You Are Pregnant Early

What Are Early Signs I Might Be Pregnant?

My pee stick lied to me when I was already 5 weeks pregnant, it can happen. Here's the heads up on the natural ways to know you are pregnant!

Praise for the Pooch!

It's surmised by scientists that dogs can smell the first wave of hormone changes at the onset of pregnancy.* Although no direct study has been carried out on pregnancy, a 2011 study in the International Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology concluded that dogs have a 95-98% success rate detecting cancer in humans. In other words, they can smell internal variances, as well as pick up in changes of body temperature, sweat and body odor. Dogs may act in different ways to your new pregs smell - some will be more protective, some extra-social, and some may get aloof.** If you're already a dog Mama, look for any changes in pup's personality that might indicate a change in you.

Cervix Whispering

We at B&B want every Bird to become a Cervix Whisperer - we want you to know your body better than a pee stick ever can. Your cervix moves with your cycle, from high and soft to low and hard. If implantation occurred, then you'll notice a softer and higher cervix than normal, with the hole "closed".*** The increased blood flow to the uterus causes this. You can tell the soft by the give, like an almost over-ripe plum, versus a hard unripe fruit.  Learn more about how your cervix feels during and after ovulation, it's a great way to know when its prime time. 

Let's find your cervix, here's how!

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 1.36.11 PM.png


Wash finger well with natural soap (please, no introducing new bacteria or non sense with perfumed or chemical soaps), insert finger in your vagina (oo-la-la), find the "roof" of your vagina with a small hole at the center - this is what we are looking for. 

Some women notice a change in their cervix in very early pregnancy, but it's not always the case. The best way to know your personal changes is to become a Cervix Whisperer by testing the position of your cervix through the whole month, starting at your cycle day one to know what's normal for you. This is the way to learn if low is really low and when high is at its highest. 


Food Aversions

As soon as 4 weeks in, you may find yourself being repulsed by generally non-offensive food stuffs. If the sight of salad suddenly has you retching, you could be pregnant. If food starts tasting different, you also could be pregnant. Be especially tapped into your body's reaction to whole foods. The body is programmed to be more suspicious in pregnancy of foods that easily spoil. Pretty amazing really. Your natural toxin barrier.

Starting in early pregnancy, whole grains started tasting like dirt to me. The biggest offenders: brown rice cakes. If your questioning possible pregnancy take an edible inventory of your normal chow and see if anything is amiss.
— Madeline
Mo here. Wait, Madeline, brown rice cakes taste like dirt to me on any day of the week! :) That said, when we were preg (before we miscarried at 6 weeks), I do remember everything tasted expired to me and generally off. My sister-in-law claims she didn’t crave wine, it was just removed. Now that, I’d like to see.”
— Mo

Color Aversions

Much like food aversions, the body is programmed to be "put off" by colors that signal potential hazards to the developing embryo. Defense mechanism at its finest. Not surprising then that the most off-putting color to pregnant women is green. There have actually been studies that prove color discrimination among pregnant subjects.**** Be aware of any colors making you dizzy or sick to your stomach.

Implantation Spotting

Your body is starting a revolution in there, so yes, there will be blood. And it may come as early as a week before your expected period. Expect brownish to pinkish premenstrual discharge accompanied by some blood.*****

Oh hey Boobs

Your boobs will tell it all, with rapid growth and tenderness, as well as changes in areola coloring and size. This isn't the same for everyone mind you, but it is one of the universal first indicators. Tip: If there is any chance you may be pregnant and you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, start a shea butter stretch mark regime, like, yesterday. Boobs are often over-looked as stretch mark breeding grounds. Our vote for the #1 stretch mark fighter is Unrefined by Better Shea Butter.

Morning Sickness

Those pesky hormones. You will most likely experience some form of this from the get-go. Here, let us hold your hair back for you... and assure you that it means everything is as it should be. Slap your preg superhuman abilities into the mix (like, heightened senses of EVERYTHING) and you're looking at feeling a lil' dizzy for the next few months or so.

This early preg indicator can be a dick for the woman who has just undergone IVF or even IUI. Namely, I have experienced equal amounts of nausea from the hormonal peaks and valleys as I did in our early pregnancy. Reading into the nausea has bummed me out more than a few occasions. Proceed with caution and self-love when it comes to interpreting your nausea.
— Mo

Food Cravings

This indicator is no secret, but usually, people envision a ginormously preggers woman beached on the coach sending her partner out for a 3 a.m. pickles and ice cream run. Not so! Cravings can start at the very beginning of your pregnancy, and they won't be your typical "I fancy Thai tonight," cravings, or your buzzing "I'll eat anything in the pantry to keep my head from spinning, even dried beans" (been there). They'll be creative cravings, selectively excitable cravings. You'll know it when it happens. It will be a beautiful thing.

After a negative pregnancy test (week 5) I got this amazing idea to make an entire meal around mozzarella cheese. I had an illuminating gusto about it- like I had just invented the wheel. After the 4-course marinated moz appetizer, burrata Caprese, buffalo moz flatbread, and chicken parmesan I should have read the writing on the wall.
— Madeline

Any secrets we've left out for early indication of pregnancy? We'd love to hear your stories in the comment section below.

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— Pablo






***** about implantation bleeding

(No conflicts of interest present in the above sources)