SEX! Now That I Got Your Attention, How Much Should You Be Having for Successful Conception

How Often Should I Have Sex While TTC?

We have a pro-conception saying around The Bird and The Bee, A.B.F., or Always Be F***ing. In the game of conception, frequency and timing is everything. Here's what you need to know now!

A.B.F. Rules Of Engagement

1. Sexy-time

If somethings enjoyable, you naturally want to do more of it, yeah? Yet TTC sex can lose its zing with its highly scheduled sessions thick wth expectation. "Sexy" becomes a distant language (French) you learned in high school, but now only speak on occasion and in fragments. The Bird and Bee's answer? Keep fluent, treat feeling sexy like a muscle you need to flex and practice daily, not just when it's go-time. Bite the back of his neck for no reason in the morning if you feel like it, make an effort to do what makes you feel sexy. Own your own sense of the sensual, and keep a sense of play always in the air. Our recommended long form reading: Mating in Captivity. Also, we have plenty more posts on keeping your relationship strong and sex frisky, join the once weekly for more. Or do our Relationship Refresh.

2. Mount Every Peak

Should you pepper in sex throughout the month?  Yes, cause fun. But be extra mindful when you hit your peak fertility window. Don't know what that is? See here to know the best way to know when you are ovulating. This is essential to successful conception.

Within your peak fertility window, have sex every other day. Some flippantly recommend having sex all of the time. First of all, no. Second, dick burn. Third, sperms. Sperm need time to "reload" for the most potent bounty. According to American Pregnancy if you are banging every day, now they don't say banging, I do, they say something sweet like intercourse, then the sperm are immature and not as effective. One caveat, if you know that his swimmers need help (i.e., low sperm count determined through a sperm test), then you want to Do It every day during peak. Per our resident expert Jeiran, "I know it's counterintuitive, but you want to keep them moving through the pipes."

3. The Right Amount of Wrong

Just before that window, the man needs to "relieve himself" of any stagnant storage (ideally two days in advance of go time). According to American Pregnancy, if he goes over a week without ejaculation, then the fluid will have a high number of dead or damaged sperm. 

4. It's Called Mouthwash

The optimal time to have sex is in the morning, so break out that mouthwash, run off to pee and hop back to bed. Sperm is most abundant after a good round of sleep. 


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