WE all want to hear what finally got'er done right, so we too can drink beet juice & hang from our ankles?

yes, this is the area where you get to hear what others wished they knew from the start (save you time, $, & stress), as well as what finally did work - but also keep in mind, success is incredibly personal. for one person success is biological pregnancy after their first iui HANGING FROM THEIR ANKLES, for some IT'S ENDURING 8 ivfs AND SEVERAL MISCARRIAGES. for others it's the adoption THAT finally WENT through and yet others, it's the resolute calm that came when they decided they were dog people after all.

i find that simply hearing others journeys is incredibly soothing, LIKE when i considered donor eggs, hearing the loving calm of others who had done it before me (AND WERE SO HAPPY THEY DID), brought ME such comfort. WE WISH YOU a ton of love, gentleness and acceptance ON YOUR UNIQUE JOURNEY. xoxox-us


tamar episode #1

We love Tamar and her incredible openness to how she came to parenthood. 

in this episode...

beginning at age 40

multiple miscarriages, and how to stay resilient

her fertility optimizers (i.e., Eastern Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbs, "warm eating")

dealing with stress and allowing for feelings 


baby showers - to go or not to go!

& the big Q - is it all worth it?! 

46 minutes