How to Insert Vaginal Progesterone - Pro Tips, Not Just The Tip :)

How Do I Put in A Progesterone Insert?

Wet the tip with water. This will help it insert easier. 

Make sure to get it in deep. You want to get this puppy as near your cervix as possible. If you are a cervix whisperer, then you should be familiar with what this feels like. A true cervix whisperer is intimate with every delicate rendering of her magical unicorn donut- the selective sperm tractor beam- state of the art design. Inserts not close enough to the cervix run the risk of popping out (not sure if anyone else has been to a "ping pong" show in Bangkok's Patpong Market district, but I can guarantee you that the ladies featured are highly capable of demonstrating popping out for us at record distances). 

Get Horizontal. For best results, lie down for a few minutes after insertion, particularly if you are post transfer. Mo, Bird & Bee founder, was instructed by her doc to kick back for 30 minutes following an insert. Enjoy the reprieve and breath. XO

*This is not intended to replace any medical advice given to you by your doctor. Speak with your RE about your unique situation, and as always listen to your own body and her needs. 


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