Vital Info After Your Embryo Transfer or FET

Embryo Transfer or FET Q&A

How much should I rest?

A: After Transfer, we recommend rest for a minimum for two - three days to give your embryos every possible chance to implant. Don’t feel guilty about taking time off and staying in bed if you wish. A gentle walk after day 4 is fine. The kidneys play an important role in reproduction according to Chinese medicine. They are especially active between 5 pm and 7 pm so this is a crucial time to rest quietly.

Can I swim or take a bath?

A: Generally speaking it is best to stay away from public pools in this time frame because of the chemicals and the bacteria. Once a pregnancy is established, swimming is permissible provided everything is going well. Wait until the 7th week of pregnancy to swim or take baths. By that time the cervical seal would have formed protecting the embroy(s) from the outside environment.

Can I use a hot tub, Sauna, or Jacuzzi?

A: It is best not to as those can increase your body temperature too much for pregnancy. It is important to keep yourself well hydrated.

Can I Get a Massage?

A: Avoid pelvic/abdominal massages altogether and consider that there are some acupressure points in the hands, feet and shoulders that can overstimulate the uterus.

Can I have alcohol after the transfer?

A: No alcohol after the transfer.

Can I travel more than 4-6 hours in a car or airplane after my embryo transfer?

A: Yes (car only) and no climbing to high elevations (going to the mountains). Please do not fly any sooner than 48 hours after the embryo transfer if possible. If this is not possible, discuss this with the doctor for specific precautions.

How much exercise can I do after hCG? After Embryo Transfer?

A: Rest at home for 48 hours. No vigorous or high impact exercise until after clinical pregnancy confirmation. Walking and other light aerobic exercise is okay. Avoid heavy lifting greater than 10 pounds if possible.

How soon after my procedure embryo transfer can I have intercourse?

A: If you had a fresh transfer, your ovaries may still be swollen so use caution. That being said, we've dug up some pretty cool research that shows that semen helps with embryo implantation. Read how here.