How To Improve Your Egg Quality - The Conclusive List

What Will Increase My Chances of Getting Pregnant?

This list can be overwhelming, don’t try to do it all perfectly, just go for healthy-ish. Adapt what you can and perk your ears for the moments where we say, if there is only one fertility supplement you take, this is it. So at least you are doing the few basics. Madeline did a ton of research to bring you this, taking into account advice from my personal RE, as well as our renowned fertility expert, Jeiran. I’ve noted the ones I personally take. Everything we recommend on site is for those trying to conceive by those trying to conceive. We place our interests, bodies, and best eggs first. 
— Mo


  • Vitamins, Supplements, and Herbs. Your prenatal may be seriously lacking in some areas of bod nourishment. Did you know for instance that vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause implantation issues? Or that Zinc nourishes eggs, AND dials down cortisol (major stress inducer).  Read here to learn the exact amounts you need (what's covered in a prenatal and what's not). Yes, we also cover DHEA and COQ and which specific type Mo's RE recommends.

  • Supplements to optimize sperm count. Let's hear it for the boys! Get your partner on board with these libido-boosting and sperm saving supplements, backed by thousands of years of Eastern Medicine and contemporary doctors alike. Ladies can also benefit from some of these natural libido enhancers. We want you pouncing like a tiger. Frequently. Better yet we want your catch to be fresh, plentiful and with incredible motility. Jeiran, our renowned resident fertility expert, has outlined some tips and great info to improve sperm motility and morphology here.


  • Whole Foods. And some more than others. You'll be pleasantly surprised, for instance, that you can (and should welcome) whole milk back into your diet to improve ovulation. And that you should be eating eggs in their entirety for fertility-boosting benefits. Please go unapologetically eat a quiche. And then check out our comprehensive guide to fertility foods. We've gathered up the most fertility optimizing foods into one list for you here.
  • Cycle Eating. Each week of your ovulation cycle has different nutritional needs for optimal fertility and balance of hormones. Experts have narrowed this down to a formula and created a diet plan to address infertility. In many cases, it has been successful. It's amazing how easy it is to meet your body's changing needs by slight changes in your nutrition. We played with our food to create some instructional visuals. Make sure you know your weekly menu.
  • Water. Balances hormones and flushes out fertility-killing toxins. Don't get dehydrated, for the love of loins! Your body doesn't prioritize your vagina, so the integrity of your cervical mucus is one of the first to go when one is dehydrated. Your body will conserve water to support more life-sustaining functions elsewhere, thus redirecting it from down there. Dehydration is also a big bummer for circulation as blood to thickens impairing the uterus and ovaries.

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  • Body Weight. Try to keep this consistent; no crash diets, drastic shifts, or starvation stints, as these can all cause erratic hormones and kill fertility. No juice cleanses while TTC (your welcome). Your body might not even ovulate if hormones are compromised from weight fluctuations or deficiencies. On the flip side, avoid rapid weight gain, and stay clear of rigorous exercise that causes inflammation. Eat to maintain your weight unless directed otherwise by your doctor, and account for possible changes if you're implementing a fertility diet. All those healthy and rad whole foods will probably have you losing a few lbs. 
  • Sex Frequently. If his semen is normal, you can hit it every other day during your fertile window. If it’s below average then daily during the fertility window is optimal and you’re continually moving fresh sperm through the pipes. Consider other factors of the equation as well, like time of day, level of friskiness, and freshness of his supply. You'll want to "Always Be F***ing" in some sense of the word, whether its actual TTC sex or preparation. You'll want to learn our precise A.B.F formula here. 
  • Orgasm Often. We certainly can't make you orgasm, especially during those high stake TTC sessions. But we can give you a whole lotta reasons why you should try. We put the question to the experts re the function of the female orgasm because we believed with a fiery passion that it was a huge part of the equation. Turns out, it is. As if the female orgasm wasn't great enough (hello big-O nipples), those vaginal contractions have a few other benefits, like turning your cervix into a sperm vacuum and relaxing your bod into an exclusive baby-promoting basin. Check out some orgasmic tips for optimizing your TTC sex, or join our tribe for weekly frisky tips.