Vital Info Before Your Egg Retrieval

What Are The Dos and Don'ts Before Egg Retrieval?

These are our recommendations from TTC to TTC. This is not to replace any advice from your doctor or clinic.

  1. Hydrate like crazy, and make sure you're taking in lots of fiber. The pain medication and the procedure can make you constipated, which could strain your post-op bod. Make sure that hydration is low to no sugar and no caffeine. 
  2. Some clinics suggest you avoid soaps, shampoos, and perfume on retrieval and transfer day, as embryos can react poorly to odors.* This includes perfumed laundry detergents and deodorants as well. (Best for you and your partner).
  3. Some RE’s prefer their patients didn't swim or take baths prior to egg retrieval. Wouldn't want those pH levels out of whack! Find other ways to relax like meditation or time off work (which you should be taking anyway during this critical time). Don't lift a finger- which brings us to our next topic...
  4. Avoid aerobic exercise once you start to stim! As your hormonal system shuts down to prepare for IVF, your body needs rest. Gentle exercise such as walking is fine.  Do not do any inversions as your ovaries will be enlarged and can flip. This means no yoga or being hung upside down from your ankles, you silly bean, why'd you do that anyway? :)
  5. Make sure you have NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK AFTER MIDNIGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR RETRIEVAL. A sip of water if you have to take a pill or brush your teeth is fine, but nothing more and please confirm your individual protocol with your doctor. **
  6. Kick stress in the balls. It's your biggest fertility killer and needs to be ninja chopped now. This is hard. We get that, that's why we have your back with our Big Chill pro-conception guided meditation - on us - so you can chill that hot bod out.***
  7. Limit the amount of time spent sitting at a desk/computer as this restricts blood flow. Rest and have early nights. This is your permission slip to CHILL.
  8. Keep your lower back and abdomen warm, particularly leading up to egg collection and between egg collection and transfer. Use a hot bag or hot water bottle. Do not use heat after embryo transfer.
  9. If treating a yeast infection with Monistat, use before the embryo transfer only.

Good luck sweet Bird, we are with you every step of the way. Check out our Transfer Program to help you your body relax.