Welcome Birds

We (intimately) know how an IVF cycle can be layered with feelings. We are going to help you unpack those feelings so you can approach this from a nourished, grounded place. In this series we aim to dismantle fears, stress and expectations. We provide strategically constructed writing exercises, guided meditations, relaxation methods and custom crafted tools to create a sense of relaxation, help de-stress, feel nourished and grounded in preparation for your surgery.

We are here with you every step of the way!


how to approach the series

The depth and potency of what you get from this interactive is exactly the amount of time, effort and presense you are interested in putting in. That said! I want you to approach this with what my favorite private coach Breck Costin calls, No Obligations, No Implications.

No obligations implications, do it from creativity, curioousity, desire to give this to yourself.

Take what works, leave the rest. I will always offer more material than less fo rthose who need more, but tailor it to which ones work for you, but also notice the ones you resist, they *may* be the ones you need to do most or might benefit from most.