11/7 CYCLE DAY 15 : The Slow Train to Oslo

Here’s my truth this month about Trying To Conceive Sex - it sucked butts. I’m rebellious by nature, and if I’m required to do something I buck against it. Doesn’t everyone? Aren't we all little animals that want out of the zoo? 

Just to provide you a clearer picture (and put a smile on your face) - by our final night of highly-scheduled, non-spontaneous pound-town* we found ourselves unsexily debating when to “fit it in”. Not after we watch Sarah Jessica’s show Divorce (boner-killer), or even Black Mirror (scary). As we flipped through dirty-t.v., perhaps looking for some Cinemax-style nakeds inspiration, somehow we instead landed on the slow meditative hum of the show Bergen to Oslo. It's what they call "slow TV" where you watch the view from the front of the train as it passes the Norwegian country side for 7 real-time hours. Heard of it? Oh do watch it.  So, cut to us, reverse cowgirl watching the Slow Train From Bergen to Oslo. Not our best effort, but we dropped off the swimmers to the pool on time and I generally found the whole thing amusing in a sad, defeated kind of way.

*Remember, hit it every other night during the peak ovulation unless you have sperm issues, then Jeiran recommends hitting it every night.