Squeeze Your Partners Butt Right Now

I had drinks out with a single girlfriend, she was in that feisty, somewhat powerless, stage of wanting to meet her "other" already and it not happening. It reminded me of something important while Trying To Conceive.

After plenty of good-time-being-single-and-loving-it, I eventually wanted to meet the one. I remember the impatience, the urgency, the feeling like it would never come. I was so caught up wanting, distrustful that it would happen. Now, look at me! All murried n’ stuff with sweetheart … and whad-I’d-give now for a little novelty nooky. I mean really, I miss those first dates, those first kisses. I never knew those flings I took for granted were to be my very last. Had I known, I would have savored every drunken motorcycle make-out. You see where I’m headed Birds?

We never know when our last parentless days, our last free-wheeling, stay out late (past ten p.m., let’s be honest), margarita swilling good times are. Savor what you have right now, savor that sweet-love-alone time with your partner. You never know when it suddenly comes to a screeching halt (even as it’s something we all very much want). There’s a beautiful, particular flavor of being just a couple together. No poop-flinging landing on your cheek, no sleep deprivation. Just you and your other, having some laughs, trying to gett’er done. Be there. Be where you are right now and squeeze every last bit of juice from it.

Want a Bird and Bee moment of reminder? Close your eyes, take two deep gut expanding breaths, then imagine at least three things you are grateful about your life right now. Then have a great day Birds and Bees, we are in this together. xoxoxxo